So this is it. The First Edition of our magazine.

Hold on to it. It’s going to be worth a fortune in years to come.
Or, then again, perhaps not. Either way, this is our latest way to inform and hopefully entertain you as an employer, leader and business person.
Being responsible for people is easily summed up – a mixed blessing. You cannot do it without the team but wouldn’t life be easier some days if only……… Well, you can finish the sentence for yourself.

We all know the ‘law can be an ass’ and frankly Employment Law is no exception. However, it does mean well – honest it does – it’s just things get, well, complicated.
On top of that, getting your people to perform well makes your life easier in every way.
So, this magazine is here to help. We are going to simplify the complicated, especially when it comes to Employment Law, and over the coming months we are going to share some of the good stuff we see our clients doing to help their teams go from strength to strength. Real world stuff not text book.

But it wouldn’t be real life if it didn’t have a little something to make you smile.


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Your People, Your Business

Our First Edition, welcome and enjoy