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How do I know you will do the job well?

The Basics

There are a few key points that anyone looking to support you needs to cover, and we’re no different!

  • Our people are all professional, well qualified HR Managers and Directors with so many years of experience between them it’s not measured in decades but centuries. They keep up with their professional development and are knowledgeable about the latest changes in legislation, techniques and ideas. Reassuringly, they don’t preach theory from behind a desk, they work in real businesses day in, day out, sharing and implementing practical, commercial solutions.
  • Our company– Sagegreen HR has been in business for over 18 years. We’ve prevented and solved thousands of problems for our clients in that time. However alone you feel right now, you’re not the first person we’ve seen in your situation.
  • Our clients – Clients tend to be loyal. Of course, not everyone stays with us forever – companies change hands, others grow significantly and set up in-house teams but in the main they renew because they like what we offer, the way we work and the value they get for their fees. There are case studies and testimonials aplenty from clients who are more than happy to share how they feel about the benefits of working with us.

There’s more to it than the (very important!) points above however, it’s the way we work that matters too.

Your people are crucial to the success of your business so getting HR right has a significant impact. Our role is to help you with that; done well HR makes a positive impact on the bottom line so we don’t try and sell you expensive services you don’t need or tie you in for 5 years, we provide solutions tailored to you. If it isn’t in your best interest we don’t recommend it.

We’re up front with you.

HR, unfortunately, isn’t always blue skies and sunshine. Sometimes we can see a situation isn’t likely to have a rosy outcome and we’ll tell you about that. We’ll discuss your options together and find the one that’s best for your business.

Or, if you’re embarking on a big project with us we’ll be really honest about what that looks like because the truth is they aren’t easy (you’d have done it already) and there will be ups and downs but, we’ve been there before so we make sure you’re prepared for what’s coming and we work with you and your teams to minimise the negative impact of the not-so-good and capitalise on the positives.

Whatever the size of the issue we will get you where you need to be. Our clients stay with us for years, not because they have to but because we build strong working relationships based on the truth. Brushing problems under the carpet isn’t going to fix them, and if we can’t fix them we won’t be benefiting you or your business. That doesn’t have a good outcome for either or us.

No Sales Team

Sagegreen HR is made up of HR people and operational support. We don’t have an HR Sales team so when you speak with us you’re talking to someone who ‘does the doing’ rather than a sales person who gets commission for hitting a target and is liable to over promise in order to secure a piece of business.

No Call Centre

There aren’t hundreds of us sat in a big call centre somewhere with headsets on doling out repetitive advice based on what the computer says. We’re a team of real people – experienced, qualified HR Managers and Directors who all have a solid background in HR and who continue to work in and with ‘real businesses’ day in, day out. We give advice that takes into account your company, the people within it and your desired outcome, we’re not limited to giving ‘help’ that’s really only in the best interests of the insurance company.

What Our Customers Are Saying

Our testimonials and case studies will give you a flavour of the work we do and the way we do it


Working together for over 10 years

“We appointed Sagegreen over 10 years ago to provide expertise in all matters of HR, legal, admin, training, recruitment, mentoring and coaching to name a few, and ever since they have been an integral part of the RDA team. Whenever we need assistance they are there to help and they are totally dependable, extremely efficient and bring a level of value and expertise that we can’t do without.”

Damian Cooke

Operations Director, Rochdale Development Agency

Everyday support and much more besides

“HR support, recruitment, training and executive coaching, Sagegreen have been providing the Chamber with all of these services for a number of years. They combine the everyday HR support with the people development pieces really well and are lovely people to deal with!”

Mike Mason

Finance Director, Greater Manchester Chamber of Commerce

Wide range of services

“I have used Sagegreen HR for a wide range of services over the years – Recruitment, Legal Compliance and Organisational Development. They devise a distinctive approach to their work with real breadth and depth in their team and cover all the bases whilst remaining commercially focused in everything they do.  Professional, friendly and, importantly, with a sense of humour they are great to work with and are tireless in their commitment to get the job done.  If I need help in these areas in the future Sagegreen HR would be the people I would always turn to.”

Ian Hodge


Case Studies

1. Assessing & Profiling

We’ve been working with a leading international group of laboratory support services since 2003, in the days when they were privately owned and a smaller organisation. Then the owners wanted to shape their Board of Directors in preparation for the sale of the company and they involved Sagegreen HR to identify the team strengths.

As a trained and licensed practitioner Jane Caven from our Sagegreen team was able to profile all the UK Executive Board of Directors using an industry leading occupational personality questionnaire. This enabled them to develop the UK and European team which came together following an acquisition in 2007.

The profiling was very successful; it identified the UK team’s strengths, their management capabilities and their behaviour and leadership styles. We were then asked to profile the European senior managers in Spain, France, Germany and Italy.

This work provides a blueprint as we continue to help with the development and promotion of individuals at all levels in the organisation as well as with the process for executive recruitment.

Our specialist expertise in psychometric assessment provides a very useful tool to identify future leaders that can be used for succession planning within a business.

2. Helping manage the process of change and restructuring

We’ve been working with a Development Agency since 2005 as their ‘outsourced’ HR department. During this period they’ve been through fairly challenging times as a result of both economic and political climate changes.

We have helped teams to manage a successful process of culture change via the development of organisational values, a major restructuring of the management and staff teams and an organisational skills audit.

Our work has included the development and implementation of a values-based Competency Matrix and performance related assessment and reward, which has been designed and implemented by us working with their key managers and all staff.

Over the years, our work with this client has involved managing both recruitment and redundancy programmes, appraisal processes, individual development plans and coaching.

Sagegreen HR has helped them with a major review of the organisation’s structure and performance in the light of macro changes that occurred at a national political level. This entailed the reassessment of roles, responsibilities and standards of performance delivery with a view to ensuring the delivery of the Agency’s commitments to its partners and government sponsors with reduced resources.


One of our clients, a professional services company, handles a great deal of sensitive data both for themselves and their clients. Whilst they were very much aware of the need to take the new GDPR regulations seriously they didn’t know exactly what they should do in relation to their HR data.

We were engaged to carry out a process audit of their current HR systems and data as well as their payroll bureau system in respect of GDPR compliance. Upon completion, the outcome was a living register of the data they handle and an action list across a spectrum of areas which would allow them to achieve and maintain ongoing compliance. As an extension to this we also trained the Senior Management Team in the importance of GDPR and the compliance issues surrounding it.

By engaging Sagegreen HR the client wasn’t subject to the disruption of releasing any of their team from their current workload, there was peace of mind that the work carried out was in line with ICO recommendations and they were left with practical steps to achieve full compliance.


As personal data is integral to our business we wanted to carry out an audit of our HR data to ensure we would be compliant by the time GDPR regulations became law. Sagegreen HR made this a very straightforward process for us, not just undertaking the audit but then presenting us with an action plan to achieve our goal as well as training our team to ensure our Managers – and thus our whole business –  fully understands the importance of handling data correctly.

We’d recommend a similar path of action if personal data is key in your business; working with Sagegreen HR has left us with peace of mind that our HR systems and data is now compliant and our Management Team are well positioned to ensure this remains so.

Julian Beressi, Managing Partner

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