Talent Management

Talent Management

Talent management relates to the attraction, development, engagement, motivation and retention of the right individuals; those who will be valuable to your organisation.

There’s a strong business case for taking a strategic approach to talent as those businesses who integrate it have a distinct advantage. Quite simply, they are able to build a high performance environment, meet future challenges much more effectively and maintain a significant competitive edge.

Your staff is, or can be, your most important asset. At Sagegreen HR we have the tools and skills to assess where organisations are with their Talent Management and we work with them to build effective programmes to develop and engage their key people and to make that approach part of the culture.

Take recruitment as an example, if the long term goals of the business have changed, it’s likely there will be gaps in the competencies or skills of your staff – they were employed to meet previous challenges, not the ones facing you today. Taking positive steps to close those gaps rather than ‘muddling along’ will make a difference. And, if your business is able to attract and retain the best because you offer them the development opportunities they are looking for it will inevitably have a positive impact on the company.

Talent Management clearly isn’t limited to recruitment and selection, it includes career management and development, gap analysis, training, compensation and succession planning too. It’s a complex area and one in which we’ve produced positive results for many years and it requires much more than a webpage to do it justice so, if you’d like to know more or discuss Talent Management in your business call us on 01606 333677 or email hr@sagegreen.com with your questions.

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