Organisational Development

Organisational Development


Organisations are never static, they develop over time and change is integral to that development.

Organisational Development is a controlled way of making those changes within the organisation.

Always values driven, it can be incremental or transformational and the reasons for using this approach can be positive or negative:

  • Growth
  • Crisis
  • Legal changes
  • Public pressure
  • Performance gaps
  • Mergers
  • Restructuring
  • New technology

At Sagegreen HR we work with companies who, for whatever reason, need to change the way they operate.

Put in its most basic form, it’s about determining where the organisation is currently, what its future direction and key objectives are, then engaging all stakeholders within the business in order to move to achieve them.

We have the knowledge, experience, tools and techniques to help those businesses with this complex process.

If you believe your company is in a position where changes must be made you’ll undoubtedly have many questions so please call us and we can discuss your situation in more detail – 01606 333677.

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