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Human Resource Information Systems, HRIS (or Management Systems HRMS) are a solution for managing all the information you hold about your people. Usually web based, they can cover a range of tasks from basic employee information and documents, core HR tasks & processes to applicant tracking, payroll, training, disciplinary actions and performance development amongst others.

If you’re using spreadsheets or written notes to manage employee hours worked, holidays taken, absence or other time consuming tasks an HRIS system could save you hours of wading through spreadsheets and, they offer great advantages when it comes to compliance with increasing data protection regulations.

There’s a very wide range of systems available and it can be overwhelming choosing the right one for your business from the (sometimes limited) information provided by the software companies themselves. Does it have the correct functionality? Is it compatible with your existing systems or any add-ons? Will it be future proof? That’s why it makes sense to work with people who have lots of experience of using and implementing HRIS but who aren’t biased or desperate to hit sales targets. People like us.

A big advantage of Sagegreen HR is our understanding of how HR impacts a business, not just the rules and regulations themselves. This, aligned with our experience in HRIS means you can be sure we aren’t blinkered or biased when establishing if a system is for you and, if so, recommending which one would be best. We will have a thorough and frank discussion with you to determine what your business really requires then explain your options. We’re not tied to any one system and will always propose the one that is truly the best fit for your needs. If you would like us to we can also undertake implementation and be there should you require training or guidance afterwards.

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