Executive Coaching

Executive Coaching


The Pushmi-Pullyu Programme

The programme is about coaching individuals and organizations to reach their full potential

How does it work?

We create an environment whereby your nominated people can concentrate their efforts and focus very specifically on certain key areas which are agreed at the commencement of the programme.

Every individual’s needs are different, their rate of progress and their development will differ but we are expert in working with people to achieve the agreed objectives and produce the results that will benefit them and the business.

The benefits to the business in our experience are people are flattered and delighted to receive 1-1 coaching. We find the positive results go well beyond the actual programme . People participating become more loyal to the company, more committed and certainly more energised.

Invest in your employees.

Let us help develop the talent in your business.

Imagine the impact and the changes we can make in the approach, style, motivation and focus of any one individual are extremely positive – and in many cases, life changing.

Imagine if we helped a whole team of people – perhaps a few from the same department or at the same stage in their career, or at the same level in the organisation.

We regularly do just that, working with a team of say five or six people. The results are phenomenal, the cumulative impact on the business is immense.

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