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What does Sagegreen HR do?

Essentially, we provide a really substantial range of outsourced HR services from preventing and fixing day-to-day compliance matters to working at Board level on strategic decisions but, in reality, it’s so much more than that for us….we work in a way that really benefits your business – we want what we do to make a positive difference to your business the way we would if it was ours.

We support clients with an almost endless list of services covering every stage of the employee cycle from recruitment through to retirement. So, if you find yourself unsure as to how to handle an investigation meeting in a disciplinary situation or wondering what content is essential when putting together a new employment contract we can, of course, help with that, it’s our bread and butter.

More than the basics

If you want more, if you’re thinking about significant change in your organisation or if you or some of your key employees would benefit from coaching or other talent management programme or you need specialist recruitment services for a sensitive or senior role we can handle that for you.

Maybe you’re thinking about an HR Information Systems (to save hours managing details like holidays, training, hours worked etc) we’ll recommend the best package for you then set it up and train users if you opt for that.

Perhaps you’d like to improve the skillset of your managers to help them face day-to-day HR matters; our training is tailored to you to make sure it’s effective, relevant and practical.

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Do you need a thorough graduate recruitment programme to allow you to select the best possible talent for your company or a talent management programme to ensure you build on the assets your people already have?

Are you looking to fill a gap on your Board with a Non-Executive Director – we operate at that level too and we make a difference to those businesses where we take that position.

We do so much, it’s not possible to cover it all on the page. The best way we can sum it up is to say it’s about your people, from the newest recruit to the most senior, experienced member of the team, and if you are looking for advice or support on any matter that involves them we can help.

To find out more about some of our core services, please click the links below:


How do we do it?

When our clients need it we’re there – we’re a real person with a name and a personality, someone they have built a relationship with, someone who understands their business. We’re not a disembodied voice at the end of a phone line reading their legal obligations off a screen.

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As a client you have your own HR manager, a member of our team who you’ll get to know and who in turn will learn about you and your business. It won’t be someone new every time you call us, so you won’t have to explain what’s going on from the very beginning, you can just get straight to the point and you can be honest – honest about what you want to happen. It’s our job to find specific solutions which work for you.

We provide our retained clients with Indemnity insurance as part of their package, we’re not the only HR company to do that of course but it is important to make sure you know exactly what you’re getting for your money, what’s covered, how it works.

Key questions you should ask about indemnity insurance:

  • Who will be giving me advice? Is it a call centre team or someone I already trust who knows my business?
  • Can I ask advice to help prevent a problem or is it only once the matter is contentious and I’ve invoked the insurance policy?
  • Will my advisor give hands on help on site or is it all remote guidance?
  • What’s the amount of cover per incident? Do you ever withhold payments?
  • What’s covered? Is it both the legal and the settlement costs?


Why do we do it?

We believe that good HR advice makes a difference. Yes, there’s a need to get it right for legal reasons but it doesn’t stop there, the benefits can be really significant in ways you can see and measure – happier employees, more productive team, improved turnover and profit, the list goes on.

hr headache relief

We want our clients to get the help we’d want in their situation – that includes the practical stuff – options available, explanations about the likely outcomes of those options, walkthroughs of meetings to help prepare, letters and other essential paperwork, checklists to make sure everything has been covered etc. Essentially, as much support as they need to be comfortable in handling HR matters.

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