8 Key questions you need to ask yourself

1           Can I ignore it or do I need to do something about it ?

If you have more than 250 employees / workers  / self employed then No do not ignore and yes do something about it.

2          What do I have to do ?,

Publish figures which show for both workers and employees; the difference in both mean and median pay between female and male employees.  Difference in mean bonus pay earned during previous 12 months. Data broken down into hourly pay, not including those on reduced pay for any reason.  Pay differentials between salary quartiles of men and women.

3          What is the key/ snapshot date that I need to provide the data on?

The pay period that includes the 5th  April 2017 for private sector and 31st   March 2017 for Public sector.

4          What is the last date I can submit this?

4th  April 2018 and then annually after this.

5          Who do I have to tell this information to?

Publish on your Company website (for at least 3 years) and put on a Government sponsored website.

6          Why should I do it now?

We’ve all heard the horror of discrimination pay-outs, don’t be an Ostrich – get yourself peace of mind so you can review the facts and if necessary prepare a plan for how you will manage the outcome. The Equality and Human Rights Commission can also take action….

7          What if we choose not to do it ?

It is statutory so failure to do so will mean a fine of £5,000. Also Trade Unions and knowledgeable staff will be looking out for this data and may publicly name and shame.

8          What if I think my data may show a significant gap ?

Get the facts now so that you have time to address the Pay Gap issues before data is published.

9          Can I provide extra information as to why my Company may have a gap ?

You will have to provide a written statement with the breakdown of figures. This needs to be signed by a Director in the business. You can use this statement as an opportunity to explain why there may be differences in your Company and what if anything you plan to do about it.

10        Help !!! Can you ?

Please contact djohnston@sagegreen.com who can provide an initial free gender analysis or for we can take the headache out of this additional burden and provide a fully compliant report (prepared from a data population template provided to you) and uploaded to the Government website for £1,995 + VAT.

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