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What happens next?

There’s no doubt we’ve all had some difficult decisions to make about our people in recent weeks as, for most, work has changed beyond belief in one way or another, but it doesn’t stop now, there’s a definite feeling that this has been the easy bit (sorry, I know it’s been tough already!)

Webinars for business owners and directors

To help with this, our team have put together a series of webinars and articles. Cath and Jo share the practical implications of putting your business into hibernation, Pippa talks to us about keeping your teams engaged in your business whilst on furlough and Tarnya and Jo explain the best ways of managing and motivating those working from home.

Returning to work

One of the key topics is definitely the return to work, the restart. When you begin thinking about what this looks like for you there’s a whole wealth of considerations to think about no matter whether you think you’ll be inundated with work and the whole team is going to need to be operating at full capacity from the get-go or whether it’s a slower or staged return. You’ll need to plan for various scenarios and they’ll have very different implications for your people, your financial situation and pretty much every other area of your business, join Caroline and Cath as they share lots of really useful information about this area.

Check out the Returning to Work webinar HERE

Employment Law changes

In amongst all of that, Nuala will be updating you on the April Employment Law changes – perhaps not as prominent as they usually are, but just as relevant and Graham’s shared what he’s seen happening when it comes to recruiting great people  too!

Here to help Employers

Running a business can be tough and lonely even when the going is good so right now you might just need a sounding board or a friendly ear more than ever so, if you’d like to talk to the team about of the above or any other people matter at all then call us on 01606 333677 or send a quick email with your details and we’ll get in touch –



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