Definition of Quit: To stop, to cease, to discontinue

There are a few things that it is acceptable to quit – smoking, excessive drinking, swearing, etc. but these really aren’t the focus of my article.

With the start of Rio Olympics, it seems an appropriate time to reflect on people who did not quit even when the odds were against them. Not everyone who participates can win, some will experience the trauma of years of training ending with injury or disappointment.  It is how they cope with not attaining their goal and how they progress that determines their future.  For some this year will be trying to eradicate or duplicate their last Olympic experience, for some this will be the year their hard work pays dividends.  For some this is the first year they are competing, whilst for others this may be their last year.

After watching a YouTube link of Derek Redmond at the Barcelona Olympics of 1992 I was in tears.  He was the favourite to win, but pulled his hamstring midway through the race.  Insisting he was going to finish the race he continued in spite of marshals and medical attendants trying to get him to stop.  His father jumped over the barrier and helped him hobble across the line.  He was never able to run competitively again but went on to represent his country in Basketball, and his father carried the Olympic torch in 2012.

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There are a few key lessons in this story:

  • It may take a lot of practice to get to where you want to be
  • Don’t give up – even if you cannot achieve your original goal, reevaluate, set a new goal and achieve it
  • Don’t allow obstacles to become a barrier to achieving your goal – find a way around them
  • Without failure, we do not appreciate success, and it is often the lessons that we learn through failure that drive us to the very success that we ultimately achieve
  • Surround yourself with people who believe in you and will support you without judgement


Whether we apply these lessons to our personal lives, professional lives or sporting lives, they are equally relevant and actually for the things that are ok to quit that I started the blog with, the same principles apply.

What is your motivation not to quit?  Why did you go into business or accept the role you are in?  Don’t lose sight of that reason.

Sometimes you just need a helping hand to face some of those difficult challenges, and not feel alone.

Business coaching can provide positive support, feedback and advice on an individual or group basis to improve effectiveness and remove barriers that make your business feel daunting.

Mentorship programmes can help you develop your staff by using more experienced people to help guide them in areas to grow and develop to support you and release you to have more time to focus on the strategic aspects of your business.

Developing a strategy with a critical friend can be very rewarding and open up a world of different ideas that you may not have thought of alone.


Can we help you?  Please feel free to contact me at or the SagegreenHR office local to you, where our professional HR practitioners can work side by side to support you not to quit.

‘When you don’t give up, you cannot fail’ – Eunice Camacho Infante


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