About Us

Who are we?

Sagegreen HR is a successful HR Company started by Jane Caven and Graham Whiley in 2000. Both Jane and Graham still work in the business; they’re based at our Cheshire office as are some of our other HR Managers & Directors and our support team.

We also have a number of Area Offices across the country each run by one of our Area Directors. This network means we can deliver services locally to our clients, so whether they have one site or twenty we can support them, on premises or off with advice that’s consistently high quality from experienced teams who have shared standards and values.

The way our team is set up also means we have lots of specialists to call upon – whatever you need for your people – from implementing an HR Management System to undertaking major organisational transformation and restructuring, our breadth of knowledge and experience means you can trust the advice we give.


Your Business, Your People

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Why are we different?

We don’t like to see people being given advice that isn’t as good as it could be, whether that’s because those giving the advice are constrained by their insurers to take the path least likely to result in a pay out (even if it isn’t the best option for the business) or because the person giving the advice has limited experience or breadth of knowledge and doesn’t fully appreciate the impact of their recommendations.

We will give the advice that’s best for you and your business; we aren’t bound by our insurers to offer prescriptive advice that isn’t appropriate for your unique situation. We don’t baffle our clients with jargon, we keep it as simple as possible and if you need help putting things into practice we can be there, on site, to help.

We’re experienced – not just in HR, but in business – so we understand the commercial side too and we know how the advice we give affects your business as a whole – fixing one problem shouldn’t cause another to raise its head elsewhere.

The list of services we offer is unparalleled. If it affects your people, we can help, that’s everything from preparing a single contract for your first employee to undertaking an organisational development programme across your workforce of hundreds.

Cost Options

You want to know what our services cost and we appreciate that, we would too. There’s a wide range however, it depends on:

  • The level of support you want – how many days a month/year you need which is usually driven by the size of your business and possibly the industry you’re in
  • How often you’d like us to be on site – that could range from, ‘not at all’ to, ‘several days a week’ and,
  • If you’re taking insurance, the size of your payroll plays a part too

Whatever the size of your business, the most cost effective solution is our retained contract. Contracts run for a single year and whilst we’d love to you stay with us for longer than that we don’t tie anyone in – clients renew because they want to, because they value our service, not because they are tied in and forced to. If we’re working for you on a retained basis it means the costs are fixed and spread over the year, you can call us at any time with your questions and you don’t need to worry about an invoice heading your way if you do. We’d need to know about your business to tailor a specific price but the range is usually between £2995 and £8500

Of course we work on a project basis too, perhaps you have something very specific you’d like our help with – a redundancy situation, a senior level headhunt, training for your managers, coaching for you or your senior executives…the list goes on. We price fairly for the job we do – it will reflect who we are – a knowledgeable, experienced team who provide a high level of service but who don’t have large corporate headquarters with thousands of staff and big call centres to run.

We’re obviously not the only people you can speak to about HR matters, other options include a solicitor, corporate helpline, or local independent consultant but there are definite advantages to choosing Sagegreen, whether it’s the cost, the relationship we have with you and the understanding of your business or the breadth of our service offering.

Whatever option you choose, preventing a problem arising will always be cheaper and less stressful than paying a lawyer to fix it when tribunal is looming.

There’s certainly no cost or obligation if you’d like to learn more so please, feel free to give us a call on 01606 333677, email hr@sagegreen.com or use our free HR Hub.

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