Organisational Change


Case Study

We’ve been working with a Development Agency since 2005 as their ‘outsourced’ HR department. During this period they’ve been through fairly challenging times as a result of both economic and political climate changes.

We have helped teams to manage a successful process of culture change via the development of organisational values, a major restructuring of the management and staff teams and an organisational skills audit.

Our work has included the development and implementation of a values-based Competency Matrix and performance related assessment and reward, which has been designed and implemented by us working with their key managers and all staff.

Over the years, our work with this client has involved managing both recruitment and redundancy programmes, appraisal processes, individual development plans and coaching.

Sagegreen HR has helped them with a major review of the organisation’s structure and performance in the light of macro changes that occurred at a national political level. This entailed the reassessment of roles, responsibilities and standards of performance delivery with a view to ensuring the delivery of the Agency’s commitments to its partners and government sponsors with reduced resources.

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