Case Study

We’ve been working with a leading international group of laboratory support services since 2003, in the days when they were privately owned and a smaller organisation. Then the owners wanted to shape their Board of Directors in preparation for the sale of the company and they involved Sagegreen HR to identify the team strengths.

As a trained and licensed practitioner Jane Caven from our Sagegreen team was able to profile all the UK Executive Board of Directors using an industry leading occupational personality questionnaire. This enabled them to develop the UK and European team which came together following an acquisition in 2007.

The profiling was very successful; it identified the UK team’s strengths, their management capabilities and their behaviour and leadership styles. We were then asked to profile the European senior managers in Spain, France, Germany and Italy.

This work provides a blueprint as we continue to help with the development and promotion of individuals at all levels in the organisation as well as with the process for executive recruitment.

Our specialist expertise in psychometric assessment provides a very useful tool to identify future leaders that can be used for succession planning within a business.

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