Case Study

We were contracted to work with a leading firm of Chartered Accountants to help build a world-class process of graduate recruitment and selection that would ensure that they engaged the best possible talent for their Firm. We had to ensure that the right candidates were sourced and that the selection methods designed and employed had the reliability and validity to deliver on our objectives. We also had to take account of the fact that the changing market place for talent meant that the program had to respond flexibly and effectively to changes in demand.

All employees were taken through a structured selection day, which included:

  • Psychometric assessments based on both behaviour and ability
  • Work-based case studies that would draw-out their natural abilities to deal with the job in hand
  • Group discussions to observe how candidates perform in competitive situations with peers
  • Management exercises to test abilities such as critical reasoning, numeracy and team working under pressure

A key objective for the Sagegreen HR team was to make the selection process as rigorous as possible for the candidates but as easy possible to administer and assess for the client.

As a result of the programme the quality of new staff is at the highest level ever achieved there has been no ‘fall-out’ of staff not making the grade and an immediate and visible contribution by the new staff to the work of the overall team.

These methods do not just apply to the recruitment of graduate staff but, are relevant to the effective recruitment of all talent within your business.  All organizations are currently facing pressure to find and retain the very best people for their business and being clear from the outset about the kind of talent your business requires and matching this with available candidates is the challenge that most employers struggle to meet.

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