Research shows there to be a significant link between the number of grievances raised in an organisation and the motivation and performance of employees. Where grievances occur these can be far from straightforward to deal with. It is particularly important to monitor concerns expressed by employees.

Here are just some of the things you should be thinking about:

  • Does your company procedure meet with the standards of the ACAS Code of Practice?

  • Do your employees know to whom they can report a grievance?

  • If it is their manager – what happens if the manager is the cause of complaint?

  • Is informal counselling needed, if so has this taken place?

  • Are all your managers and employee representatives trained in handling grievances?

Often an objective, experienced third party can assess the answers to these and other questions more effectively. As HR professionals, we can assist you to manage sensitive issues effectively and in a manner that finds practical solutions that do not compromise your legal obligations.

If you have any employment issues that you would like to discuss or to double-check your response to these issues. Sagegreen HR can help you.

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