One of the points that has developed, particularly through case law, is the issue of consistency.

Here are just some of the points you should be thinking about:

  • Does the procedure used in the organisation meet with the ACAS Code of Practice?

  • Has a full and proper investigation taken place into the alleged misconduct?

  • Have witness statements been sought, if applicable?

  • Does the employee need to be suspended?

  • If so, what must you do to ensure that this is fair and correct?

  • How much notice must you give the employee, after the alleged incident, that they are required to attend a disciplinary meeting?

  • What about representation?

  • How consistent are your actions in your response to this particular disciplinary matter when compared to earlier incidents?

  • Do you remind employees of their right to appeal?

Often an objective, experienced third party can assess the answers to these and other questions more effectively. As HR professionals, we can help you to anticipate and deal with what is required of you if you are to be seen as a fair and reasonable employer. We can do this is in a plain and straightforward way and share with you the benefit of our extensive experience.

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