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Many employers not only struggle with the vast scope of employment law, but when it comes to the family friendly legislation and time away from work for public duties etc.  there is often a confusion as to what is paid and what is unpaid leave.… read more >

So here is a typical scenario experienced by many companies.

A company is incorporated and then grows and expands. Who, is then chosen for promotion? As a business owner or senior member of the management team, who do you choose when it comes to expanding your team to grow your business?… read more >

Swearing at work can help to reduce stress, according to research by the University of East Anglia. The Norwich-based research team found that use of “taboo language” could also boost team spirit in the workplace, while attempts to restrain language could have a negative impact.… read more >

are you a quitter


Definition of Quit:            To stop, to cease, to discontinue


There are a few things that it is acceptable to quit – smoking, excessive drinking, swearing, etc. but these really aren’t the focus of my article.

With the start of Rio Olympics, it seems an appropriate time to reflect on people who did not quit even when the odds were against them.… read more >

noun: productivity

  efficiency, production, productiveness, work rate, output, yield, capacity,


According to recent research, in terms of productivity the UK is “at the bottom of the G7 league table, 20 percent lower than average, and falls behind many other Western countries.”

If this is true, how does this affect the majority of employers in the UK ; is your business one of them and if so, what can you do about it?… read more >

It doesn’t matter which stage of Brexit reaction you are experiencing right now (shock, excitement, denial, anger, acceptance, fear etc.) the fact is that Brexit is happening and many businesses are facing huge uncertainty.

Putting politics to one side, let’s concentrate on your business and possible changes in employment legislation.… read more >


How often have you been in a group having a moan about something or someone?  Suddenly the whole conversation becomes negative, and even if you entered the conversation happy and upbeat, you leave feeling negative and miserable.   Quite often the people in that initial conversation move on to the next conversation and continue the negativity.… read more >

motorbikes and mentoring

So now you are wondering what on earth mentoring and motorbikes have to do with one another.

Let me give you some context.  When I take off my business suit, I put on my protective gear and get

on my 650 Kawasaki Vulcan S and whenever possible together with my husband and/or sons, who all ride too, we go out for a couple of hours on the bikes. … read more >