Effective and commercial

First Class – the training and coaching from the Sagegreen team is of the highest level with real effect and totally grounded and commercial. They are fun to work with and provide real value for money.

Mark Seaborn - Managing Director - Pennington Choices


Everyday support and much more besides

HR support, recruitment, training and executive coaching, Sagegreen have been providing the Chamber with all of these services for a number of years. They combine the everyday HR support with the people development pieces really well and are lovely people to deal with!

Mike Mason - Finance Director - Greater Manchester Chamber of Commerce


First port of call

Whenever I have an HR question I go straight to Claire at Sagegreen. She is great. She knows her stuff and blends handling people properly with a practical understanding of Employment Law.

Charles Davies - Operations Director - SOG Limited


Working together for over 10 years

We appointed Sagegreen over 10 years ago to provide expertise in all matters of HR, legal, admin, training, recruitment, mentoring and coaching to name a few, and ever since they have been an integral part of the RDA team. Whenever we need assistance they are there to help and they are totally dependable, extremely efficient and bring a level of value and expertise that we can’t do without

Damian Cooke - Operations Director - Rochdale Development Agency


There when we need them

Sagegreen have been my HR department for several years. We are a young, fast growing business and they have been there when we needed them - every time.

Jamie Boyd - MD - Today Team


Everyday support and much more besides

I have used Sagegreen HR for a wide range of services over the years - Recruitment, Legal Compliance and Organisational Development. They devise a distinctive approach to their work with real breadth and depth in their team and cover all the bases whilst remaining commercially focused in everything they do.  Professional, friendly and, importantly, with a sense of humour they are great to work with and are tireless in their commitment to get the job done.  If I need help in these areas in the future Sagegreen HR would be the people I would always turn to."

Ian Hodge - CEO


Employment Lawyer

I am an Employment Lawyer. I have worked with Jane and the team at Sagegreen constantly for over 15 years. That probably says enough, but just for clarity, I know them to be highly skilled professionals with a total client commitment, who know their stuff and can be relied on to tackle the difficult things extremely well.

Peter Rhodes - Partner - Molesworth Bright Clegg Solicitors


Fast solutions

We were introduced to Sagegreen by one of their clients when we had an urgent need to find a senior PA. They dealt with the assignment immediately and we now have a great PA in place.

Chrissy Greaves - HR Manager - Metro Dynamics


Management development training

“We needed to train our managers in a wide range of topics to address the practical issues they had highlighted. We brought in Sagegreen professionals who knew exactly how to deliver what we needed.

"They informed, educated, trained and inspired our middle and senior managers in a comprehensive range of management topics from recruitment and selection through to dismissal. Everyone who had participated in the management and development training programme agreed without exception that it was highly effective and relevant to their needs – and extremely results oriented.

We are now in the process of implementing a further programme for our more junior members of staff.”

Chris Harrison – Global Operations Director, Eurofins Agroscience Services


The proof of the Pushmi-pullyu Programme pudding

“We wanted to help members of our senior management team on both an individual and team basis and recognised it was appropriate to call in an experienced and sensitive professional. Graham Whiley planned the Pushmi-pullyu programme with meticulous detail which focussed strongly on performance improvement.

He gave unlimited one-to-one time to each member of our team, understanding and reacting to their individual requirements. He coached each person to create a step change in their approach to how they work and live – and every member of the team found the programme positive, challenging and tremendous fun.

The process has been very successful and has strengthened both individual and team performance. The participants are now actively engaged in strategic planning which includes a further programme of coaching for our more junior members of staff – again with Sagegreen.”

Clive Memmott - Chief Executive, Greater Manchester Chamber of Commerce


Coaching and Management Development for Commercial Contract Engineers.

Sagegreen Human Resources designed and implemented a senior management coaching programme for members of our senior management team and a team development programme for our entire workforce. Both the coaching and team development programmes were designed to meet the specific needs of the business and focused sharply on performance improvement.
The coaching process has been successful in enhancing both individual and team performance, whilst the process improvement training for employees has helped to consolidate service excellence across the business.
We are now engaged in phase 2 of the development programme and look forward to continued process improvement.

Phil Ewbank – Founder & Chairman


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