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Cost-effective. Straightforward. Employee-friendly

The success of your company is about managing your employees— not paper. Sagegreen is delighted to now be able to offer a straightforward and easy to use, cloud HR software solution designed to tame the chaos so that you can get out from behind the desk and lead your people.

Keeping all your employee information in one place and automating all those time consuming human resource administrative tasks, the system transforms the way you do HR. With customisable reports, automated and streamlined processes, this HR system gives you all the tools you need to support your business. Here are just a few of the benefits you will gain from using the HR Cloud System:

Centralise your Employee Data
Easily and safely access all your HR data from anywhere there is an internet connection. The days of wading through spreadsheets and filing cabinets are over. The HR system will allow you to safely store employee information and documents in one central location and will help you to simplify the time-consuming HR processes that stop you from concentrating on running your business.

Manage Holiday Requests
Booking holiday with employee self-service and a central calendar will make managing leave requests quicker and easier.

Manage Sickness and Absences
From monitoring sick leave to generating reports, managing absence is easy with our central calendar.

Automated Reporting
Easily generate reports from the report library to help you to spot your Company trends

Track and Approve Expenses
Instantly manage, track and approve all the expenses employees claim

Set Tasks and Get Reminders
With the system dashboard you can see your to-do list, set tasks and get reminders

HR Dashboard
The dashboard allows you to display employee information in a digestible format that will quickly become your go-to guide

Boost Performance!
The HR system even helps you to increase performance by more effective management of appraisals, it helps you give praise, set one-to-one meetings and record objectives!


But don’t just take our word for it – find out more about how Sagegreen’s HR system can free up your day and contact us for a no-obligation demonstration of how the system could work for your business.

For further information, please contact us on 01606 333677