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lf the people you pay to work for you are part-time, full time, shift workers, temporary workers, foreign workers, agency staff, contract staff, whatever the circumstances, each individual worker needs to have the right Contract of Employment.

As an employer you have that responsibility.

Contracts of Employment require specialist knowledge of the law – and of your business circumstances to ensure that they adhere to current legal requirements and reflect the correct working conditions. You must ensure fairness for both employer and employee.

Contracts of Employment and/or written statements all have to be issued within the legal time limit (usually within two months of the start date) and contain prescribed elements including the Principal Statement (legal names, holiday entitlement and pay, notice periods, sickness, injury and sick pay, hours of work, job title etc), statements on collective agreements, pensions, disciplinary and grievance procedures, overseas employment and any implied terms.

You can have ongoing support and advice, site visits, regular updates, annual reviews – we’ll tailor our help to suit your individual requirements.

Sagegreen adds real value by taking away doubt and confusion!

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