It is important that we both have a clear understanding of what systems and procedures are already in place and working within your business and those areas that need to be updated or perhaps introduced from scratch.
Our Audit is not just a process of ticking boxes to ensure compliance (although staying legal is of critical importance) it goes well beyond the obvious in order that we can help you to build value in your business by asking questions such as:

  • How are our people management policies and processes contributing to business performance?
  • What policies and processes should we implement to improve performance? 
  • How does the relationship between HR and performance work in our organisation?
  • How can we improve this relationship?

Our audit looks at those areas you would expect such as, terms and conditions of employment, policies and procedures and the systems and methods used to manage people in your business. However, it also includes:

  • Diagnostic tools to review current processes and practices
  • Guidelines to use the results of these diagnostics identify improvements in people management policies or practices that are most likely to drive improved organisational performance
  • A source of further information on which you can build

The benefits from our audit

For you:

  • Improved clarification and understanding of the steps necessary to ensure that your business is legally compliant
  • Help in identifying the appropriate mix of people management processes and practices to deliver improved business performance
  • Help in understanding the dynamics of the relationship between HR and business performance

For your organisation:

  • Help in building competitive advantage through people
  • Review of current practice and help in sustaining future performance
  • Improved capacity to build an effective business strategy

For further information, please contact us on 01606 333677