Sagegreen HR people

When you have staff working irregular hours, never the same hours each week or even always the same hours each week, they all want to be sure that they’re paid correctly – and on time. Errors can generate complications and implications which, sometimes can take a fair bit of unravelling for the company, the employee, the DWP and HMRC.

Keeping accurate records of absence for sickness, holiday or compassionate leave is just as important as keeping a record of non-approved leave.

Accuracy is key to all these HR administration matters because it has a direct implication on the money you pay and the deductions you make, eg. for tax, NI, pension contribution. There must be an audit trail for all payroll transactions or you as an employer will be held accountable .

We can advise the most cost-effective system for you to use, can run it for you on your premises and show you how to manage it effectively, monitoring the records on an ongoing basis.

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